The Strength of HSN-KIKAI KOGYO


We aim to be a customer-centric company, whose environment‐friendly manufacturing is trusted around the world.

1929Long-standing Trust and Achievement

Wealth of expertise and technologies
Actively engage in challenges with agricultural technologies, land technologies, and food industries
Activity in PQDS (price, quality, delivery, and service)

ECODevelopment Activities Centering on Environmental Products

Development, manufacturing, and sales of marine environmental products
Development of environmental products leveraging our mechanical and electrical technologies
Accommodating customers’ needs with a pioneer spirit
ISO14001 obtained

HUMANStrengthen our sense of humanity

Exercising our unique 6S activities (Seiri (organize), Seiton (arrange), Seisou (clean), Seiketsu (sanitary), Shitsuke (discipline), and Shukan (habit))
Introduction of qualification evaluation system
Corporate culture that values harmony, creativity, and order
Actively explores global business