Electrical Motors to other Industries


Our Motor project team markets electric motors made by HSN Elemac Co., Ltd., located in Dezhou, Shandong Province, China, primarily to the Japanese market. HSN Elemac is a new brand launched only in 2014 and is not well known yet. Despite this, our electric motors are used not only in the shipbuilding industry, but also in wider industries. We recognize that electrical motors are used and play an important role in a broad range of industries. Various regulations are coming into effect for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in many countries. In Japan, Top Runner Program, which was introduced based on the Energy Saving Act, took effect in April 2015. These new regulations require electrical motors to improve their energy efficiency so as to reduce power consumption.

Electric motors have become more essential recently. We continue to build our records of applying our electric electric motors to our pumps, which are our primary line of products, while upholding the PQDS (price, quality, delivery, and service) principles in order to enhance trust in our brand. Additionally, we are strengthening our line of electrical motors with competitive pricing, high quality products that equal those from the leading motor manufacturers in Japan, Short lead times to respond to our customers’ needs, as well as service and after sales backed by our international service centers. As we came into the field of electric electric motor manufacturing later than many of our competitors, we focus not only on providing products that meet the applicable standards, but also on providing products that perfectly fit our customers’ needs, through a deep understanding of their requests by manufacturing products specially designed for even small production lots. We also provide detailed after sales service. Because our manufacturing is conducted in China, we make sure to share information between Japan and China to minimize the gap in communication by maintaining an understanding of the differences in customs and cultures. The entire company is working hard to make this new field a new pillar of our business.

Naoto Fujiwara
Technical Department