Training and Education


We provide on-ship training and language education for our employees. We also provide a variety of training to people working in the marine industry. We also offer courses for young people at venues including universities.

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

We provide training sessions every year on IMO regulations and HSN-KIKAI products.

Donation of Bilge Separator to a Vietnamese University

We donated a bilge separator to a university in Vietnam as a demo equipment for training.

Participation and Presentation at Technical Seminars

We participate in Laskin Kai and Sansui Kai, which are two technical seminars offered by the Kobe Branch of Class NK, to impart and learn the latest information on new marine regulations and technologies.

On-Ship Training

Our employees go on actual ships to learn things that would otherwise be difficult to learn. They make use of the knowledge by assisting in our product development and manufacturing.

Language Training

As we deal with more people in other countries, we are placing more effort in providing training of the English language, which is a common international language. Beside training sessions with external instructors, we send our employees overseas.