Environmental Activities


The environmental issues have been gathering greater attention in recent years. Considering the impact of oil pollution from ships as a marine equipment manufacturer, we are taking our initiatives to contribute to society in the areas of environment and energy.

Environmental Equipment

We manufacture the environmental equipment such as bilge separators and ODM in order to protect the marine environment.

Bilge Separator (Oily-Water Separator)

Bilge Separator (Oily-Water Separator)

This equipment separates bilge water (which is contaminated with oil that is accumulated at the bottom of an engine room of a ship) into oil and water. The bilge separator discharges treated water with less than 15 ppm of oil concentration.

Bilge Separator (Oily-Water Separator)

Oil Discharge Monitoring and Control System (ODM)

When oily ballast (Note 1) is discharged to the sea, this system monitors and controls the discharge so that it satisfies requirements of discharge by the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (including instantaneous rate of oil discharge, and total quantity of oil discharged).
Note 1. Ballast that is loaded to a washed cargo oil tank of a ship after oil has been transported, and water used for cleaning cargo oil tanks.

Proposals to the IMO International Conference

We are participating in conferences of a UN organization, the International Maritime Organization (IMO), in support of the government of Japan to contribute to the protection of marine environment.

Ecological Buffer Material

We use Styrofoam made out of corn to ship our products and their components. This type of Styrofoam is water-soluble, and does not generate harmful gas when incinerated.