Message from the Chairman


Pioneering the Ecological Age. Mission and Pride as a Leading Company

Protecting the environment and fostering personal growth
取締役社長 友藤 公雄

For the last 90 years we at HSN-Kikai Kogyo have been upholding our mission of protecting the global environment. Leveraging our position as a manufacturer specializing in marine pumps, we have been developing and manufacturing marine pollution protection equipment which “makes use of oil,” such as bilge separators, oil discharge monitoring and control system (ODM), and global warming protection equipment, based on a concept contrary to common belief.

Our marine product division ensures that ships have safe and economical voyages and operate with a complete set of after sales services. Many customers say, “HSN-KIKAI KOGYO is a company that responds to whatever requests They have with agility and certainty.” This earned us a reputation for being a dependable group of experts.

Based on technologies that we have accumulated from our experiences in developing marine equipment that operates safely under adverse conditions, our agricultural engineering division has already established technologies to provide advanced hydroponic equipment at a low price. As we promote safe, high-value agriculture that people can trust to produce fresh vegetables, we also focus on creating “attractive farms” that connect new and inexperienced farmers with neighboring farmers.

While we pioneer our fields in the ocean and on land, all of our activities are driven by our human resources. Based on this idea, we are placing our focus on fostering human growth to shoulder the future. More specifically, we are encouraging our employees to learn English, which is a common world language, thereby strengthening our ability to communicate across borders while respecting other countries’ cultures and customs. It is our firm belief that as responsible employers we have a duty to act as a public institution that contributes to society and maintains the happiness of its employees. Our aim is that each employee has a sense of mission and pride in his or her work, aims to realize himself or herself, and aims to enhance his or her value as a person. Part of our initiatives to realize our belief is through the visualization of company management. We intend to reflect our employees’ opinions to our management even further in the future.

In conclusion, we would like to request your warm attention to HSN-KIKAI KOGYO. As we draw towards our 100th anniversary celebration in ten years, our company continues to protect the environment, fosters people’s growth, and act as pioneers. We will also continue further into the future as people in the world become more and more ecologically conscious.

Kimio Tomofuji