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HSN-KIKAI KOGYO CO., LTD. Comprehensive manufacturer of marine pumps that provides fluid solutions

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HSN-KIKAI KOGYO CO., LTD. was founded in Kobe city for designing and manufacturing of mine pumps. It ventured into the field of marine pumps in 1949. After moving its headquarters to the present location in 1965, it has emerged as a leading manufacturer dedicated to design and manufacturing of marine equipments and currently 30% of new ships built in Japan (mid-size cargo ships) use our pumps.  
Morever, oil-water separator (OWS) for marine pollution prevention has received type approval no. 1 from Transporation Ministry and it has already gained 40% market share in Japanese large and mid-size ship industry. In addition, our oil discharge monitoring and control equipment (ODM) for tankers enjoys 80% share in Japan. As a leading Japanese manufacturer, we contribute to the prevention of marine pollution through out cutting edge technology. 
With marine pumps at the core of our business activities, in addition to expanding technical areas, we are firmly and gradually expanding business from domestic to overseas markets. With continuous support and patronage of all, we aim to become a company that would be able make valuable contributions in various field throughout the world.


GHG Indicator

GHG Indicator

GHG Indicator displays mass of CO2 and EEOI for each voyage with fuel consumption of equipments such as main engine, generator engine and boiler. …

Products2010.08.04:Introduction to new product: Gear pump for low viscosity oil (MGO)
Products2010.08.04:Introduction to new product Mileage monitor (fuelometer)
Exhibition2010.08.04:Oil-water separator would be displayed in "SMM Hamburg 2010", to be held in Hamburg, Germany.

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