Maintenance Support


We provide inspections and maintenance support with utmost care for our customers to be able to use our products with full confidence.

Before Ship Delivery

It takes several months after our products are delivered to a shipyard before a ship is delivered to its ship-owner (completion).

We check the piping and wiring on each ship before the completion to make sure the operation test will be performed with no errors. Besides inspections, we also provide instructions to the crew on how to operate our products.

Our products are delivered to all of the world’s oceans. They are backed by the full support of HSN-KIKAI, who takes responsibility for protecting marine environments.

After Ship Delivery

Quick Part Delivery

Quick Part Delivery

Wear on equipment parts during operation of vessel is a major issue for safe navigation and time management. We implement ways to quickly deliver spare parts.
Our pump design also features fewer component counts so that component wear is less of an issue.
Quick Part Delivery

Service Network

A good service network around the globe is essential for ships that navigate around the world’s oceans. Bilge alarms and ODMs are subject to inspection by Port State Controls (PSC). Our international service network, in conjunction with manufacturers around the world, supplies spare ship parts, dispatches the technician to the ship and provides full service facilities.