Agricultural Products


Striving to Be a Guide Post for Customers


Our agricultural facility products are the culmination of experience that we have accumulated over the years as a marine equipment manufacturer. The result is new, easy-to-use technologies, and the ability to address our customers’ requirements while eliminating any risk to them after they have started to use our products, and ease of use.

Our products are used in different locations and for different customer’s purposes. For that reason, It is important that we explain what is not obvious to the customer when they are making a purchase decision based upon our product at times when our product is not in front of them. We listen to our customers so that we build a facility that is as close as possible to the one that realizes their objective. We ensure that customers can start growing plants for the first time with confidence. We grow plants and conduct research in our own facilities throughout the year so that we can provide advice based on real data. This makes it possible for us to be a mentor for our customers in their new venture into agriculture.

As agricultural technologies advance, our products also need to fit the needs of our time. On top of that, we also monitor the prices of vegetables, start up and operating costs of our products, and our customers’ opinions because our products are our customers’ business tools. We aim to provide products that appeal to a wide range of customers based on our concept of “agriculture that anyone can do.”

Aiko Sawada
Agriculture Business Department