Management Philosophy


We strive to strengthen our sense of humanity, and to contribute to society in a manner worthy of trust.

The purpose of a company is not to pursue profit, but to contribute to society. The origin of the pursuit of profit is to conduct company activities that provide excellent, useful products to society, and to gain profit as a result.

Strengthen our sense of humanity

First, the purpose of life is to contribute to society. Help others while you live, and as you challenge yourself to be a better person and increase your human potential (self-realization), I think you will feel joy in life. Increasing your human potential means to increase your value as a human, and this is the most important feature of managing a company, too.

Trust is the most important

Trust does not refer only to quality, delivery time, services, and response to customers for products that we provide to them. It also means to be a trustworthy entity that customers can rely on, no matter where your customer is from or what their business is, whether the customers are our users, banks, municipal office vendors, contractors, or regional community members. Above all, we conduct our business with a sense of mission to help ships to navigate safely, and to protect the global environment.

Contribution to Society

A company is a public place (public institution) where people work together. A company exists within a society and the society benefits from the company. We feel grateful for being allowed to be a part of our society and we pay back our society through our work (products). In particular, we interact with the neighboring community with sincerity and gratitude.