Wash Water Monitor

Preventing marine pollution due to cleaning water

Sulfur concentration in fuel is regulated to reduce the impact of exhaust gas from ships on the atmosphere. This equipment features a high-precision measuring device and prevents marine pollution by generating wash water while exhaust cleaning equipment is operated.

Oxygen Analyzer for Inert Gas

Measures and monitors oxygen content in inert gas

Tankers are equipped with an inert gas system to prevent explosions caused by flammable substances that exist in cargo tanks. This analyzer has a robust structure, and measures and monitors the oxygen content in inert gas continuously.

NOx/O2 Analyzer

Measures NOx and O2 contents that are generated in combustion processes

Nitrogen oxide (NOx) that is released from ships is one substance that pollutes the atmosphere. This analyzer provides continuous measurements of nitrogen oxide and oxygen contained in exhaust gas from engines by monitoring the SCR (Note 1) effect.
Note 1. Selective catalyst reduction (SCR) device